• Black Shamrock, a Virtuos Studio

    Game Programmer

    Recommended by a lecturer, from Gamagora, to Olivier Masclef (CEO of Black Shamrock), I started in the company in may 2016. I worked five months, as intern, on Blood Bowl: Death Zone before being hired as Game Programmer.
    We then started Werewolf: The Apocalypse, in collaboration with Cyanide Studio and White Wolf, where I worked closely with Game Designers and Animators on prototyping the core gameplay. In march 2018, decision was made that the game will be fully developed by Cyanide in Paris.
    My team then worked two months on a combat demo, for UNDER NDA, that we presented to its publisher. Despite them really liking the demo, we didn’t get the project and moved to a new mission.
    Ubisoft, Toronto, contracted us to help them on Starlink: Battle for Atlas. I went over there in in may 2018 to get train on their engine before getting back to Dublin and mentoring the rest of the team.
    At the end of the mission, I started a new internal project. With the experience gathered during the past years, we decided to create an Action-RPG game base while preparing a internal pitch for the Virtuos direction.

  • Gamagora

    Master of Game Development

    Gamagora is the Video Game cursus of the University of Lyon in France. I studied there various subjects like: Gameplay programming in Unity, Procedural Terrain and City Generation, Raytracing and Physically Based Rendering, Mathematics and Sound Design.

  • Freelance Multimedia Programmer

    During the summer 2015, I worked as freelance for Avant-Goût Studios. I developed Saint-Etienne 360 in Unity: a Virtual Reality for smartphones and tablet that let you visit the main places of the city of Saint Etienne.

  • Avant-Goût Studios x Les GOBELINS

    Multimedia and Game Programmer (Apprenticeship)

    While continuing my apprenticeship at Avant-Goût Studios, I joined the famous school Les Gobelins, in Annecy, for a two years multimedia design & development cursus. Working hand in hand with talented Graphic Designers, I developed several applications and games, strengthening my knowledge of Unity and developing an aesthetic sensibility. These year was an opportunity for me to learn the methodology to conceptualizing project and how to work in team.

  • Avant-Goût Studios x IUT of Le Puy-En-Velay

    Multimedia and Game Programmer (Apprenticeship)

    Alternating every month between my job at Avant-Goût Studios, in Saint-Etienne, and the courses of my Real Time 3D cursus at the IUT of Le Puy-En-Velay, I spend a year learning the basic of 3D, discovering Unity and making my first apps in Flash.

  • Tech Soft 3D

    Intern Tool Programmer

    I did my end-of-studies internship at Tech Soft 3D where I developed a tool that analyse screenshots of rendering to detect any discrepancies.

  • IUT of Lyon

    Degree of Information Technology

    A two years computer science cursus where I learned the basic of architecture and programmation.