[WIP] Ongoing Action-RPG Project
New Black Shamrock Undisclosed Project
Starlink: Battle for Atlas
Co-Development with Ubisoft
3rd Action-RPG Combat System Prototype
Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Co-Development with Cyanide
Art Exhibition Video Game Essay
Developed during the Global Game Jam 2017
Blood Bowl: Death Zone
Co-Development with Cyanide
Musical Runner
Procedurally Generated Level Design by a Beat Detection Algorithm
Saint-Étienne 360°
Virtual & Interactive visit of the emblematic places of city of Saint-Étienne
The Forest
Developed for the Ludum Dare 33
Little Heroes
Transmedia Project for Hospitalised Children
Multimedia Application for children to discover the French & Quebec Culture
An Event to Invent, Design and Manufacture an Innovative & Digital Device for a Museum
Augmented Plant
Card Game developed during a Unity workshop
Serious Game for Children about Road Safety
Behind the Moon
Transmedia Project about Myths & Legends
Cyber Escape
Cyberpunk Shooter developed during a Starling Workshop
Apolline & Leon - Pursuit of Santa
Interactive Book for Children
Sam is not afraid of anything
Interactive Book for Children
the greensquad
Virtual Board Game for the Family
the world of sam
Interactive Book for Children