Team Lead on a new game

We are now developing a polished and documented game base in Unreal Engine 4 [C++] for a future project.
The team is composed of 3 Programmers, 2 Game Designers and 1 Animator and 1 Producer.

  • I set up a development pipeline to guide programmers during the development of a feature.
  • I participated in the design of the main features required for our project.
  • I planned and managed programmers tasks in collaboration with our producer.
  • I helped defining the architecture of the project.
  • I developed a flexible 3rd person game Character, Camera & Controls System.
  • I developed an Animation Driven Combat System inspired by the latests From Software games.
  • I developed a Polymorphic Ability System for building abilities and attributes easily.
  • I developed our Artificial Intelligence Behaviors and Patterns for choreographing interesting encounters.